What Is Kids Town?

Kids Town is the children's ministry of Calvary Church.
Here, your children
learn how to have a growing
relationship with Jesus.

We begin our time together at our

City Stage where we sing and
worship Jesus together. We then
embark on our Hands-On Bible
lessons, learning about God and His
Word, followed by a time for fun
and fellowship.
Play Areas

5 Loaves and 2 Fish Market

Provides opportunities to
formulate cooperation.

Joseph and Son Construction
Gives children opportunities
for cognitive and imaginative

Martha and Mary’s Diner
Helps teach children to serve others.

Our Curriculum

We use Sharefaith Kids Curriculum by Sharefaith.

We start with the Bible and use creative
activities and videos to help children experience
God’s Word and apply it to their life.
So when children experience a lesson,
they don’t just see it and hear it — they do it!

That’s what our curriculum is all about . . .
helping kids grow their friendships with Jesus.
As they experience the Scriptures and do
the activities, they’re building that relationship
in a real and relevant way.