Why Are There So Many Hypocrites 

In The Church?

Yes, there are people in the church who do not live the life they profess. God hates such pretending just as much as you do. But businesses, social clubs and other religions all have their hypocrites as well. Pretending is something one can expect when dealing with human beings in general - not simply Christians. There are millions of people who hold jobs because of forged degrees, fly planes on false ID's, and act "moral" in public while viewing pornography behind the scenes.

One cannot judge an entire group based on a few lackluster individuals.  This is even more true with Christianity, which is not based on members of local church bodies, but on the example and teachings of Jesus Christ Himself. 

Look at Christ and who He claimed to be rather than solely at those who follow, or profess to follow, Him. Christianity stands or falls on the life of Christ, not on the performance of His followers. Anything in life that is genuine will inspire counterfeits.

Jesus Christ’s claims are true, and He was not a hypocrite. Will you follow Him? Don’t miss out on knowing Jesus because of someone else’s failure. Take responsibility for your relationship with the God of the universe - don't use the disobedience of another person as a reason to avoid the truth.

Text adapted from "Questions Intellectuals Ask About Christianity" by Henry F. Schaefer.  Original document can be found at http://www.leaderu.com/offices/schaefer/docs/questions.html